YI JIN JING: Classic of Changes (FEB-MAY 2020)

14 Weeks of BodyMind Transformation

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Dear Qigong friends,

I'm happy to announce that we will launch Yi Jin Jing again on Saturday August 22. Scroll down to read more, and you can click Q&A to watch a YouTube video for more details.

For you who have done this course, you just need to spend $78 to repeat the course. The coupon code is: CFXSQSBY
If you are interest, you can use direct link: https://robert-peng-qigong.teachable.com/p/yi-jin-...

What is YI JIN JING?

Yi Jin Jing is a powerful practice popularized by the fighting monks of the legendary Shaolin Temple. Originally, these monks slouched over religious texts and prayed for many hours. As a result of their sedentary lifestyle, they suffered from poor posture, backaches, tight shoulders, and neck pain.

Sounds familiar?

The legend was that a famous wandering monk named Damo (Bodhidharma) developed the practice of Yi Jin Jing to transform the bookish monks into spiritual martial artists of the highest order. At the highest levels of development, Yi Jin Jing transforms even the smallest framed individual into a mighty human being capable of incredible feats of strength and kindness.

The practice of Yi Jin Jing, unlike the kinds of exercises done at the gym that focus on developing muscles or cardio, focuses on infusing soft tissue, including ligaments, tendons, fascia, and even bone marrow with a specific kind of qi.

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In a short period of time, the body becomes significantly stronger, resilient, and flexible. Along with the physical transformation, comes a profound mental-emotional transformation as well. Yi Jin Jing works on both levels simultaneously to enhance your potential as a complete human being able to move through the world with more confidence and compassion.

Start: Saturday August 22 End: Friday November 27

14 Weeks of BodyMind Transformation

This course is divided into 14 weekly parts. Each week, we introduce a theme and focus on empowering one organ and the associated emotions for the given theme.

I will introduce new teaching material on every Saturday of the week. The material is pre-recorded and varies from 30-50 mins, except the initial Saturday that is 80 mins.

The days Sunday through Friday are the practice days, during which we drill the exercises taught on each Saturday. Each day takes about 30 mins of practice combined with movement, breathing and meditation. It is also pre-recorded.

During these 98 days, I’ll guide you day by day, week by week to awaken and empower all the different meridians and organs. All you’ll need to do is simply log in to the course website and that day’s practice will be right there for you to follow.

Throughout the span of the course, I will organize webinars to answer your questions related to the practice and share additional insights about the practice. Usually, they’ll be arranged on Sunday Mornings, scheduled in Eastern Time.

In the history, after Bodhidharma’s teaching, the sickly monks had their body and mind totally transformed in just a few months.

Start: Saturday August 22 End: Friday November 27

Course Outline

Every week, through practicing specific Yi Jin Jing breathing techniques, you empower energy on one organ and its related energy is then channeled both physically and mentally throughout the body. If you could practice 20 – 30 minutes a day for 14 weeks, it is like you are giving your body a thorough cleansing of your whole system and you will upgrade everything from the inside out. Then, by the end of the course, you will have created the most radical transformation in your life. You will find yourself:

  • Emotionally much more balanced
  • Experiencing more happiness and compassion
  • Noticing that your body seems much lighter, yet your strength is much stronger
  • Walking more stably with an uplifting posture
  • Feeling that every day is going by easily because you are more light-hearted and full of calmness and appreciation
  • Boosted with vital energy and enjoying better overall health

What would it take to feel like this every day? Doing Yi Jin Jing could be the answer if you view the details of what you will learn in this 14-week course:

Week 1: Getting Started – Learning the Powerful Breathing Meditation that is the Key to Living a Complete, Healthy Life

Learn the truth about breathing movements and how breathing can impact your entire body and overall health both inside and out. Get introduced to a powerful, ancient breathing meditation called Xi Breathing. The class will end with a powerful group healing.

Week 2: Balance Grief and Kindness

Learn Stretching the Tendons – Front Breathing Movement. Empower the lungs to improve your respiratory system, transforming grief into kindness.

Week 3: Balance Stagnation and Relief

Learn Stretching the Tendons – Side Breathing Movement. Empower the large intestine to improve your digestive system, transforming stagnation into relief.

Week 4: Balance Irritability and Satisfaction

Learn Stretching Tendon – Up Breathing Movement. Empower the stomach to improve your digestive system, transforming irritability into satisfaction.

Week 5: Balance Worry and Confidence

Learn Separating Heaven and Earth Breathing Movement. Empower the spleen and pancreas to improve your lymphatic system and endocrine system, transforming worry into confidence.

Week 6: Balance Frenzy and Joy

Learn Pulling the Bull’s Tail Breathing Movement. Empower the heart to improve your cardiovascular system, transforming frenzy into joy.

Week 7: Balance Uncertainty and Clarity

Learn Pushing the Mountain Breathing Movement. Empower the small intestine to improve your digestive system, transforming uncertainty into clarity.

Week 8: Balance Jealousy and Progress

Learn Drawing the Sword Breathing Movement. Empower the bladder to improve your excretory system, transforming jealousy into progress.

Week 9: Balance Fear and Caution

Learn Dynamic Horse Stance Breathing Movement. Empower the kidney to improve your excretory system, transforming fear into caution.

Week 10: Balance Defensiveness and Protection

Learn Twisting the Spine Breathing Movement. Empower the pericardium to improve your cardiovascular system, transforming defensiveness into protection.

Week 11: Balance Fragmentation and Cohesion

Learn Crouching Tiger Eyes the Prey Breathing Movement. Empowering San Jiao to improve your organ-energy system, transforming fragmentation into cohesion.

Week 12: Balance Timidity and Courage

Learn Striking the Heavenly Drum Breathing Movement. Empower the gall bladder to improve your digestive system, transforming timidity into courage.

Week 13: Balance Anger and Enthusiasm

Learn Wagging the Tail Breathing Movement. Empower the liver to improve your digestive system, transforming anger into enthusiasm.

Week 14: Transform Body, Mind, Emotion, and Spirituality into ONE

Learn to put all the breathing movement practices together and have an overall empowerment tune-up each time you practice Yi Jin Jing. This will let you continue to nourish your Qi and let the wisdom of the universe guide you forward.

Start: Saturday August 22 End: Friday November 27

Your Instructor

Robert Peng
Robert Peng

Robert Peng is the founder of Robert Peng Qigong aka Elixir Light Qigong. He began his apprenticeship with the legendary monk Xiao Yao when he was eight. As part of his training he did a hundred-day water fast in a dark, underground chamber. From this experience Robert developed extraordinary spiritual powers and healing abilities. In 2013, he was award as one of Top Ten Spiritual Heroes together with Bishop Desmond Tutu and Pema Chödrön for his contribution to transform "the ancient Chinese healing art of qigong into today's fast-growing holistic practice -- in addition to use as a spiritual practice for inner balance and peace, qigong movement is gaining acceptance as a gentle movement for chronic illness and pain" For more details, click HERE please, or you can watch this youtube video of his talk about his own story: My spiritual journey guided through my Master Xiaoyao (at 4'32")


YI JIN JING: Classic of Changes (FEB-MAY 2020)

14 Weeks of BodyMind Transformation

   Watch Promo

Yi Jin Jing Course Preview (Free Trial)

We’ve made two clips from the first day of the course available for free:

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts on Saturday Feb 8th 2020 and ends on Friday May 15th, 2020.
How long do I have access to the course?
You have the full access for the whole year after the course finishes. Also you will have full course audio download and a walk through of the exercises video download.
What if I have to cancel the course?
If you feel the course is not for your type, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund (less the processing fee of credit card company).
What if I missed a teaching day?
If you miss a teaching day, a practice day, or a webinar, or if you’d want to review the course, you can always watch them later.

This course is closed for enrollment.